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Dead Trigger 2 Hack

Dead Trigger 2 Hack


Dead trigger 2 Hack is the latest hack that can be found for Dead Trigger 2 anywhere online today. The greatest part is that this hack is all online, requiring no download! This hack allows you to generate 100000 money and gold. We have set the limit so players would avoid abusing the hack and getting in game ban. We have also now added the extra features allowing anyone to unlock all guns, ammo, gain unlimited health as well as the use of proxies and anti ban shield. Those features were added after we heard that a few players got banned after an extreme abuse of this hack. Since then, no players has ever gotten banned. Tired of playing long hours and getting limited results? Don’t worry, Dead Trigger 2 Hack is here to save you!

Dead Trigger 2 Generator

Note: you can do max. 100,000 each day.
Note: you can do max. 100,000 each day.

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About Dead Trigger 2 and Instructions


Dead Trigger 2 is an exciting first person shooter game that was released for iOS and Iphone in October 2013. This time this game has updated mechanics like crouching allowing players to really experience the new Dead Trigger combat system. The biggest changes came with the option of allowing players to upgrade their weapons and other equipment in enhancing their zombie killing experience. Weapons can be unlocked with gold and or by finding blueprints. The main currencies in the game remain gold and money. Dead Trigger 2 Hack takes care of that problem by allowing players to gain massive amounts without actually playing the game. The biggest challenge in this games comes from super zombies, who are designed to put you in a lot of difficult spots while you try to level up in the game. Each mission on average earns you around $1000-$1200 of in game currency, so it can be bit of a grind when trying to earn money and upgrading weapons.

A lot of players have been complaining with the amount of in-app purchases there are now in Dead Trigger 2. The original version of the game was made with the approach that no player would have to spend any money to be successful at the game. The sequel clearly gives a huge advantage to players who are willing to spend their money for in game currency and items, making the game very expensive to play. This is why it was our goal and mission to make the game much more affordable for everyone.

Luckily for you this tool has gotten you covered. Dead Trigger 2 Hack will allow players to save their precious time and eliminate any grind by generating lots of gold and money with a click of a button. That’s right, downloading hacks is the past time. Why risk getting viruses and other adware just to enjoy playing Dead Trigger 2? Our solution is that this hack is all online now, allowing smooth process of unlocking money, gold, and weapons risk free.

How to use Dead Trigger 2 Hack:

1)Select the amount of gold that you want to generate (max 100,000)

2)Select the amount of money you want to generate(max 100,000)

3)Select any extra options of unlocking weapons, ammo, health

4)Select if you want to use proxies or anti ban shield

5)Click on Generate

6)Verify that you are a human by following on screen instructions ( should take a couple of minutes)

7)Log in to the game

8)If you have followed all of the steps correctly, then the hack should have worked successfully



Status: ONLINE Last checked 22 minutes ago

November 18 2014 We received over 500 requests for new features on our Facebook page so, for the November update we are bringing in the Faster Hack. Also we managed to push the Gold and Money a bit more.

November 16, 2014 After burning some midnight oil we are back. After doing a few different tests with different accounts everything seems to be OK. Next on the to do list is to add some more features to the cheat tool.

November 13, 2014 Dead Trigger 2 changed the game server addresses. Trying to find the IP addresses of the new servers. Untill then the generator is not working.

November 3, 2014 First version online. You can generate up to 10.000 Gold and Money. Trying to find a way to push the generated values a bit higher, but we have to figure out the verification strings first.

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